Sunday, March 27, 2011

Shine, Jesus, Shine

At church this morning, this was one of the songs we sang,
Shine, Jesus, Shine".

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It reminded us of Christopher Grayson, a friend from Morehead City, NC. For those who do not know Christopher, he is a young man in his twenties with two parents who are definitely committed to the fact that children are a blessing from God. They "walked the walk" in caring for their parents in their latter years as well as with Christopher.

Christopher was born with multiple birth "defects" (according to medical thinking). His parents were told to institutionalize him and try to have another child. The prognosis said he would never see, hear, walk, talk or live!! Instead, John and Roo took him home "to raise."

Although it's been a tough road at times punctuated by multiple surgeries and masses of medical emergencies, his twenty plus years have blessed hundreds. His church families (multiples because his dad is an Anglican pastor)embraced the family,celebrating every milestone and sharing every crisis. Christopher did walk with aid for a while, he does talk, see and hear and has a lively sense of humor. He goes fishing with his dad. Together,they "run" marathons (John runs pushing Christopher in his wheelchair). At last report, John continued to take Christopher with him to visit homebound parish members. Christopher might not remember his alphabet but he never forgot a prayer request.

He graduated from Carteret Christian Academy and brought joy to his classmates. After his graduation, John and Roo took Roo's mother to live with them when she could no longer live alone safely...thus finding themselves with two wheelchair bound persons in the household. Still their joy continued and Daisy and Christopher were always included in all they did. After Daisy went to be with Jesus, Roo was a tremendous encourager for me as we took care of my stepfather and mother in their final illnesses. Another song we sang today was this one,

"May Those Who Come Behind Us Find Us Faithful"...a second reminder today of the Graysons.

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