Monday, February 16, 2015

Our Value in God's Eyes

This morning in Sunday School, our teacher Theresa Z Arnold was teaching from Psalms and she reminded me of something I heard when we were at Bethany Christian Church.

 A preacher named Tommy Oaks was talking about our insignificance in the broad scheme of things. He told us to imagine a thick black line all the way around the ceiling of the room. (For BCC members, we were in the original sanctuary before it was expanded.)

He said, "Now, imagine that line is printed in dot matrix. For those of you who are not into computers, a dot matrix printer prints what looks to the human eye like a solid line. But, it's not. It's really thousands of tiny dots crammed together so close that the human eye can't perceive the individual dots. Each of us is but a dot on a dot on a dot within that line. As insignificant as each of those dots is, we are even less....except in God's Eye. And, yet, to Him we were important enough for Him to sacrifice His Own Son for our sins."

 His use of the word "perceive" reminded me of something that had happened several years before when we lived in Marietta.
Renee Wright was visiting us and we were all three in the front yard looking up at a beautiful starry sky.

It was such a bright night that all three of us lay in the grass looking up. David pointed out various constellations. And, then it hit me!

I said, "Before the light from the fartherest of those stars left on its journey to where we now stand, God already had a plan for our lives and wanted to know us and see us fulfill that plan." As I think about it now, I know that before God set that star in its place, He already knew me and that takes my breath away.

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