Monday, February 2, 2015

Guarding our Eyes

We have had two pastors who talked a lot about "guarding" our eyes. This phrase certainly came to mind last night as the half time show of the Super Bowl was aired. That, in turn, reminded me of a book by Albert E. Day: "Discipline and Discovery." I have had an outline of that book in the front pages of every Bible I have owned since I read the book. [Note a previous posting: "Six steps to Purity."]

Two of the major premises of that book came to mind: (1) Set a watch on the door of your eyes, and (2) Guard your imagination. That, in turn, reminded me of King David and his experience with Bathsheba II Samuel 11 ff.

"One evening David got up from his bed and strolled around on the roof of the palace. From the roof, he saw a woman bathing-a very beautiful woman. David send someone to inquire about her and he reported, "This is Bathsheba, daughter of Eliam and wife of Uriah the Hitite. David send messengers to get her and when she came to him, he slept with her."

Notice the progression:
(1) mindless idleness (He got up from bed and began to stroll aimlessly around.)
(2) he turned his eyes where he should not
(3) he pursued the object of his attentions
(4) he used his authority to engage her
(5) he sinned
(6) he engaged others in sinning to cover up his own sins.

The story goes on. The outcome of what began as aimlessness soon became focused. First, he focused on how he could cover up his sin by blaming the outcome on someone else. Then, he added murder to his cover up abusing his authority to get the deed done.

The Lord told David that his entire family will bear consequences from his sin. They were not being punished for David's sin. Instead, they were caught up in the natural consequences of being related to a sinful father. To David's credit, he recognized his sin, repents, and sought to serve the Lord for the rest of his days even while continuing to bear the consequences of his sins.

And, it all started when he failed to guard his eyes.

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  1. So very true my friend.....If we will use what God gave us to think with and to see with we will guard our eyes and our mind. He gave us this knowledge and so many people abuse it daily. Makes one wonder what they really think with.