Friday, April 1, 2011

Unsung Heroes...a partial list

This posting originated from someone asking me to "post some of your personal inspiration stories." It caused me to think about some of the unsung heroes in my life...the people whose influence permeates your thinking on a daily basis. Some of their names I remember. Some I do not. But, these people changed my life.
The lady who hired me at age 6 to wash her fruit jars. I got a penny each for those that passed her inspection as she held them up to the sunlight. I learned, "If you have time to redo a task, you had time to do it right the first time."

Two "maiden lady" sisters who, each year on Easter Sunday afternoon, had a "tea party" for the neighborhood children and their mothers. We dressed up in our Easter best, always with gloves for the little girls, and walked over to their house. It was old, needing paint, but the garden was a small jewel and the house was immaculate. They served small two inch squares of pound cake and lemonade. We were strongly admonished (read "our lives were threatened if we dared disobey") never to ask for a second square. One little square was all they could afford and, frankly, was probably a sacrifice. I learned that being elegant of spirit has nothing to do with wealth.

Our widowed neighbor who had to return to work at sixty because, when her husband died, she had insufficient resources. She worked at the information desk of our small hospital, answering the phone and giving directions. Instead of "woe is me", her attitude was "how wonderful that I get paid to help people all day!" She taught me that circumstances do not dictate attitude, attitude alters circumstances.

The drama couch (Sandra Worthington)who first gave me the idea that I was fully capable of college work and arranged for my admission to her alma mater months before I applied and even more months before I paid the application fee. She demonstrated for me the importance of laying cornerstones rather than stumbling blocks.

A coworker (Martha Grant) who showed me the strength of being a gracious giver. She taught me that the hardest part of being a gracious giver is being a gracious recipient! That included compliments as well as tangible gifts.

My husband (David) who taught me I never have to harbor doubts about my ability to do something if I am committed to giving it my best effort to the Glory of God.
These are some of my unsung heroes. Who are yours and what did you learn from them?

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